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5 Critical Signs That You Need Urgent Spinal Treatment

January 15, 2022

Nearly 65 million Americans have experienced at least one episode of back pain. 16 million of those people deal with chronic back pain.

Suffering from back pain can happen to anyone regardless of age and can be a result of many things. Whether it is due to a traumatic incident or improper posture, finding relief may be difficult.

You may be a person that has been suffering from chronic back pain and cannot seem to find relief from medications or other pain relievers. If you are wondering whether or not a spinal treatment may be best for your situation this is the article for you.

Keep reading to learn about the five signs that mean you need urgent spinal treatment.


1. Reoccurring Pain

As someone that suffers from chronic back pain, you likely have tried many different remedies. Whether you have tried medications, exercise, or heat and cold therapy relief has been hard to find.

Typically, if the standard pain relief treatments a doctor recommends do not work and your pain lasts more than three weeks with little to no improvement, spine surgery may be necessary to find relief.

2. Pain Radiates

Have you noticed rather than the pain going away, that it has started to radiate to your arms and legs? This is another sign that seeing a spinal specialist may be necessary.

The pain mainly spreads to your arms and legs but can occur in your thighs and hips as well. This radiation of pain can occur due to numerous back conditions. A ruptured disk and spinal stenosis are two common causes of this pain radiating to the arms and legs.

3. Loss of Bladder Control

Losing control of your bladder can coincide with chronic back pain. Seeing both these issues occur is a sign of a serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently by a spine doctor.

Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is caused by the compression of nerves that are in your lower back. This condition causes both back pain and incontinence. If you have noticed these two symptoms, seek spinal care as soon as you can.

4. Weakness or Numbness Occurs

Experiencing weakness or numbness in the extremities of your body is another critical sign that spinal treatment is necessary.

This weakness or numbness is a symptom of sciatica. This condition is caused by the pinching of a nerve. Not only can it cause weakness, but it can be a contributor to pain and the radiation of it down your body.

5. High Fever With Back Pain

Fevers accompanied by back pain can be a sign of a serious back issue that needs to be addressed promptly.

Spinal infections that take place due to the presence of bacteria or fungus can occur near or directly on your spine. Infections can spread from other tissues in your body or blood.

You should receive treatment for these infections in a timely manner before they have the potential to cause serious damage. If you notice immense back pain with a fever and headache, contact a doctor as soon as you can.

Find Spinal Treatment Today

After learning about the five critical signs that spinal treatment is needed, you may be wondering whom you should see.

All Spine Care strives in helping those find relief from chronic back pain. Our experienced team offers spinal care including spine surgery.

Contact us today if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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