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5 Essential Spinal Care Tips To Know As You Age

May 17, 2021

It’s common knowledge that people experience more back stiffness, more pain, and less mobility as they get older. They may think that back pain is inevitable. Did you know that with the right spinal care, many people can maintain their spine health well into old age? While you can’t stop the sands of time, you can protect and strengthen your back.

Taking care of your spine isn’t difficult, but it does require a few small alterations to your life. We’re here to offer a few suggestions for how to take care of your spine as you age. Keep reading to learn more.


1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the best things that you can do for your spine health (and your overall health) is to maintain a healthy weight as you get older.

It’s normal to put on a few extra pounds as you age. Your metabolism is slower, you’re moving less, and a bit of extra fat provides good protection against the cold and some added plumpness to the face.

That said, too much extra weight means that you’re going to put too much pressure on your spine and core.

2. Exercise 

Speaking of maintaining a healthy weight, one way to approach that is through exercise. Whether you prefer light exercise or heavy exercise, if you do it right, they’re great for your spine.

You want to focus on things that can strengthen your back without the risk of injury. Pilates is a great low-impact option for people who don’t have a strong fitness background.

You can also try strength training. Don’t jump right into deadlifting your body weight, but using light weights and movements that will strengthen your core, you’ll be doing your back a favor.

3. Use Proper Footwear

Did you know that what you wear on your feet can impact your back? Anyone who’s spent a long time walking around in heels knows this to be true.

When you wear proper shoes with a very slight lift or heel, you’re protecting your feet from hard floors. You want shoes with good shock absorption and arch support.

Good shoes are sometimes more expensive, but they last longer, and the health of your back is worth it.

4. Take Pain Seriously

When you’re young, minor back pain seems like no big deal. That back pain could cause problems in the future, though. Regardless of your age, you should take back injuries and pain seriously.

If you notice back pain, make sure that you rest. Also, consider seeing a spine specialist for a checkup to make sure there’s no damage.

5. Focus On Flexibility 

While strength is important, flexibility also matters. It contributes to your mobility.

Stretch or do yoga every morning. Gentle back stretches can loosen up your spine, and they can even relieve pain. When you spend a few short minutes every day stretching out your back, you’re protecting your spine for the future.

Spinal Care Matters

Taking care of your spine is essential if you want to avoid pain, stiffness, and a loss of mobility in the future. By exercising, stretching, wearing the right shoes, and being attentive to your pain levels, you can keep your spine healthy for a long time.

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