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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Spine Doctor Near Me

April 13, 2021

Are you tired of jumping down endless rabbit holes by Googling “spine doctor near me” repeatedly?

For something as important as your health, it’s beyond crucial that you feel confident about who performs something as life-changing as back surgery.

How do you find that confidence? Give yourself five minutes today to learn from experience. Read this article today and start a journey toward fixing your chronic back problem with trusted and practical advice.


Online Reviews

Whether we’re shopping for products on Amazon or a contractor for our house, most of us rely on online references and reviews. Why wouldn’t you do the same when comparing options for spine doctors?

Reviews and resources about physicians often tell you about their bedside manner and efficiency. Red flags should pop up immediately regarding potential scams.


Doctors have strict requirements for their training and certifications. Having the dedication to make it through the educational gauntlet means you should be eager to tell everyone what you’ve accomplished.

Give yourself some time to crawl through the doctor’s website and understand their qualifications. If something stands out, dig further and talk to your doctor if you have trouble identifying what you should have the ability to find.


Insurance companies can have a preferred network of doctors or providers that lock you into a handful of options. If your coverage gives you more flexibility, you still need to know if you’re going to an approved provider.

Don’t assume that your insurance policy will cover your spine surgery experience from start to finish. You could find yourself on the hook for an enormous bill that you didn’t expect otherwise, no matter what type of injury you’re experiencing.


Speaking to friends, family, and trusted advisors is always worthwhile because you know the advice comes from someone who cares for your bests interests. If a person close to you has experience comparing surgery costs or providers, ask them as many questions as possible.

Do some homework before you talk to friends and family to get the most out of their advice. Having an informed opinion will allow you to compare the responses with a healthy dose of objectivity.


Spine doctors, like other specialists, often have niches within their practice that they studied intensely. Some may have written papers on osteoporosis in the spinal column or pioneered new techniques for removing tumors.

When you meet with your doctor, ask them if they’ve had experience working with your particular problem. They should give you an answer that gives you confidence that they understand your needs, especially regarding post-surgery care.

What Should You Expect After Googling Spine Doctor Near Me?

Now that you know what to consider, what do you do next? Stop Googling “spine doctor near me” and schedule an appointment. If you feel like your back has some time, start by understanding the recovery times and create a plan for when your time for surgery arrives.

Did you have more questions, and you want to talk to a professional? Contact us today or give us a call at 727-474-7411.

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