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6 Tips on Preparing for Spinal Cord Surgery

April 27, 2021

There’s a lot more to spine surgery preparation than just the wait.

It also involves developing good habits, making the right arrangements, and building a healthy lifestyle. All this will help you recover swiftly and live sustainably with a stronger spine.

Make sure that you know exactly what to do before and after your spinal cord surgery. While you should always consult with your surgeon, these tips below will always ring true.

Read on to understand what measures to take for your spinal surgery. You’ll understand some necessary steps to take for a sustainable life with a new spine.


1. Eat Right

This applies both before and after your surgery. Proper nutrient and vitamin intake will accelerate your healing process, and building healthy eating habits beforehand will only help.

You’ll also want to eat a healthy, fibrous diet after surgery since pain relievers can slow down digestion. Slow digestion can mean constipation, making the operation’s aftermath more uncomfortable than it needs to be. By eating properly, you’ll also maintain a healthy weight which will prevent future back problems.

2. Exercise

Exercise is crucial before and after your operation. After your initial recovery period, you should rest. But you should build long-lasting exercise habits after you recover.

Cardiovascular exercise is good for general heart health, but strength training can also support your newly-operated spine. Maintaining and improving your back muscles will prevent future back pain.

Weak back muscles will support your spineless effectively, so including exercise in your activities before surgery will pay off while healing.

3. Optimize Your Space

You’re not going to be able to move so freely right after your surgery. Before you head into your operation, rearrange your home so that you have everything you need close by.

Move your bed downstairs, take down some good books, and keep essentials from heights too high or low. You don’t want to slow down your healing process by straining your back.

4. Find a Caregiver or Two

Ask family or close friends if they can tend to your needs. Otherwise, hire a caregiver to take care of you while you’re healing from your injury.

Think about your daily tasks. You might want them to do your laundry, do your grocery shopping, cook, etc. Understand exactly what your needs are and make arrangements accordingly.

5. Avoid Certain Meds

Many medications and supplements can interfere with your surgery and its subsequent recovery period. Consult your spine surgery doctor weeks before your surgery, and be thorough about which medications and supplements you’re taking.

If you are taking any interfering pills, stop taking them at least a week before your surgery. Strictly abide by your surgeon’s advice so that you don’t worsen the problem you’re trying to fix.

6. Stock Your Fridge and Pantry

By prepping your fridge and pantry, you’ll be able to prepare your future meals before surgery and cut down trips to the grocery store. It’ll be difficult to coordinate frequent grocery trips so stocking your house will ensure that you’ll recover with less hassle.

A healthy diet is, as mentioned above, also crucial to your recovery. Lengthy preparation will also prevent impulsive eating choices that can impede your healing process.

Make the Best of Your Spinal Cord Surgery

Spinal cord surgery is no small matter. Healing from it isn’t either. That’s why we offer these tips that will guide you down a positive path of recovery.

At All Spine Care, we understand how delicate both the spine and spinal operation is. That’s why we provide expert services dedicated to spinal care. Contact us today if you’d like spinal services from experts that care.

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