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A Guide to Laser Spine Surgery

January 30, 2022

Are you interested in laser spine surgery?

Many people aren’t aware of the existence of laser spine surgery at all. They may not know that it’s a potential solution for their spinal health needs. Should you visit a laser spine surgery clinic?

You should never go into a medical procedure without knowing what to expect, so we’re here to keep you informed. Keep reading for our quick laser spine surgery guide, so you can make an informed decision about your health.

What Is Laser Spine Surgery?

While laser spine surgery is certainly modern, and it may seem futuristic, it’s been a practice for fixing spinal issues since the 1980s. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require large incisions (making it more appealing and often safer).

Laser spine surgery isn’t appropriate or useful for every spinal health condition. It’s best for relieving compression that’s causing pain. This is common when someone has a condition like sciatica or a herniated disk.

Laser spine surgery is not recommended for degenerative back problems or other complex conditions.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Laser spine surgery might seem scary, it’s a simple procedure. The doctor may sedate you during the surgery, but it’s also not uncommon to only use a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area.

The doctor will remove parts of the spinal tissue that are causing the painful compression. It’s an outpatient procedure, so once the doctor is done and the patient is stable, the patient will be able to return home.

Healing and Side Effects

Just like any other medical procedure, laser spine surgery does have a healing period (even if it isn’t as significant as the healing period of more invasive surgery).

When you have traditional back surgery, you may have to stay at the hospital for several days. People can expect to refrain from physical activities (including work and household chores) for eight to twelve weeks. For many people, this isn’t an option.

Laser spine surgery still has a recovery period, but it is shorter than many spine surgery recoveries. Patients can expect to get back to many normal activities within six weeks (though be sure to talk to your doctor before getting back on your feet and be sure to ask about laser spine surgery advice for healing).

When it comes to side effects, there are still complications and risks associated with laser spine surgery. It is possible for the surrounding tissue to suffer minor heat damage from the laser.

While uncommon, you could also experience an infection. This is unlikely if your doctor uses all appropriate sanitation measures and you’re careful to stay clean during the healing period.

Is Laser Spine Surgery Right for You?

If you’re experiencing pain from spinal compression, it might be time to consider laser spine surgery. Talking to a laser spine surgery consultant or doctor will help you make this important decision about your spinal health.

If you’re ready to try laser spine surgery, we want to meet you. At All Spine Care, we aim to provide the best possible treatments for a wide variety of spinal health conditions. Contact us to start the process today.

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