This Is How to Have a Healthy Spine

Chills do not run down your spine. At least not literally. Your spine is filled with nerves that snake out throughout your body. You need to maintain your spine health to preserve your overall health. Don’t panic. You can keep your spine healthy with a few basic steps. Here is a quick guide toward having […] READ MORE >

What to Expect for Your Spinal Fusion Recovery Time

Are you a candidate for spinal fusion? There are many spinal problems for which spinal fusion is recommended to help treat or relieve symptoms. These include herniated discs, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and so on. Now, if your doctor believes that spinal fusion is the appropriate solution for your condition, there are certain things you need […] READ MORE >

5 Common Signs of Improper Spinal Alignment

Are you plagued by seemingly unexplained aches and pains? Do you eat right, live a healthy lifestyle but, somehow, you always seem to be sick or exhausted? The good news is, you’re not cursed. You may just have poor spinal alignment. How can you tell if your spine is misaligned? Here are a few red flags […] READ MORE >

5 Major Signs You Should See a Spine Specialist

Do you suffer from back or spine pain? If so, you’re not alone. According to the CDC, back pain affects about 28% of adult men and 31% of adult women in the United States. While some backaches only require a little rest, others can alert you to serious issues. Read on to learn when you should […] READ MORE >

3 Key Factors To Consider Before Getting Spine Surgery

When your doctor first brings up spinal surgery, your first reaction might be to freeze. You understand the importance of having a functional spine. After all, it’s how your brain communicates to the rest of your body. But precisely because of that, you’re nervous. The thought of someone, even a doctor, working on your spine […] READ MORE >