Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

01 Testimonial One

Unlike most doctors who are on the “15 minute plan,” Dr. Moulton first studied my case history and MRIs. Then he took time to listen intently to my issues and never made me feel like he was preoccupied or rushed in any way. Because my surgery was quite complex, my husband and I would think of more and more questions after each visit. During multiple return visits, Dr. Moulton answered our questions and explained everything further. His patience is incredible! Dr. Moulton has studied extensively with the best of the best orthopedic surgeons specializing in complex spine surgeries throughout the United States and Europe. To know he used his training and experience on my complex case and performed a most successful surgery makes me appreciate him even more! We live over an hour away from Clearwater, but Dr. Moulton is worth the drive. It’s a small price to pay when I considering my quality of life and having the ability to do the things I want to do.

Patty R – September 2021

02 Testimonial Two

Dr. Moulton performed a 3-level cervical fusion and then a 3-level lumbar fusion a few years later—both with great success. I feel so blessed to have had this surgeon follow me, completely take care of my problems and help me regain my life. He listens to my fears and concerns first and then approaches the situation with me to resolve it.

Faye D – June 2021

03 Testimonial Three

I would definitely recommend Dr. Moulton. I am moving so much better and the pain has subsided!

John C – May 2021


04 Testimonial Four

I highly recommend Dr. Moulton. He and his staff (Raquel and Felipe in particular) are terrific. He performed my ALIF (fusion, entering from the abdomen) at L5 in September of 2019 and the entire process (evaluation, surgery and recovery) went smoothly. I just had my one-year post-op exam and was happy to hear from Dr. Moulton that things have healed well and stayed perfectly in place. I’m eternally grateful for Dr. Moulton’s skill, care and attention.

Julie R – October 2020


05 Testimonial Five

I had spinal fusion surgery in 2009 for scoliosis with Dr. Moulton in New York. I was 19 years old at the time of surgery and visited at least ten other surgeons before I found Dr. Moulton. After my initial visit I knew Dr. Moulton was the surgeon who I felt most comfortable allowing to perform my extensive surgery. It has been over ten years since my surgery. During that time I’ve had two pregnancies and child births, and have been teaching and fighting competitively in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (which I never thought I’d be able to do). My back is still completely pain free and it is all thanks to the work of Dr. Moulton.

Kathleen M – July 2020


06 Testimonial Six

Dr. Moulton gets 5 stars only because 10 are not available. He likes what he does and does it well. He took an emotional patient on a Friday during COVID 19 and performed emergency spine surgery on Saturday morning. Dr. Moulton is caring and empathetic. No one was allowed in the hospital, but Dr. Moulton had someone in contact with us before, during and after surgery. During recovery and for the rest of the hospital stay, Dr. Moulton personally contacted us daily. He is awesome and, three weeks later, I’m pain free with a straight spine.

John P – June 2020


07 Testimonial Seven

I was unable to use my left foot and after an MRI and it was clear the issue was coming from my lower back. Dr. Moulton performed a successful surgery to alleviate the compression on my nerves. Unbelievably, I never once had any pain from where the surgery took place and that was eight months ago. High marks to Dr. Moulton!

Lisa – May 2020

08 Testimonial Eight

Dr. Moulton repaired a broken vertebrae in my back. I found him to always be professional and also very concerned about my health. I would not hesitate to go back to him if I had a problem or recommend him to my family and friends if they needed to see an orthopedic doctor. I moved here from Chicago and have found the quality of doctors in Southwest Florida to be very poor with the exception of Dr. Moulton. He is an outstanding physician!

Jennifer F – June 2018


09 Testimonial Nine

Without hesitation or reservation, Dr. Moulton is my undisputed first choice of everyone in his specialty, which is your whole back and neck!

Reg L – March 2018


10 Testimonial Ten

Dr. Moulton is by far the best doctor I have ever had. I had two spinal surgeries with him in five months, with a bilateral knee replacement in between. Dr. Moulton was always aware of my personal situation—not just his surgeries, but my other surgeries and issues as well as how insurance played into my costs. He even visited me in the hospital to see how I was doing during my knee replacements, which were done by a different doctor from a different organization! A++

Roger T – July 2016