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Spine Care 101: How to Care for Yourself After Spinal Surgery

January 25, 2021

Have you had a recent spinal surgery or fusion? Recovering well is a critical aspect of feeling and moving better after surgery. However, many patients aren’t sure what to do to improve their recovery results or take care of themselves following a surgical procedure.

Spinal surgery can be scary, and the recovery can seem intimidating, too. To make sure your surgery leads to the best possible outcome, follow these tips for spine care during your recovery.


Keep Moving

Following spinal surgery, some patients are afraid to do anything that could cause additional injury or ruin the effects of a successful surgery. You might also be scared to move due to pain and fatigue.

While you should avoid strenuous activity and lifting objects, moving regularly can help improve your recovery. Good blood flow helps your body heal. Resting and reducing regular activity is a good idea, but make sure you don’t stop doing everything that can keep your blood flowing.

Follow All Rehab Instructions

In addition to maintaining low levels of activity throughout the day, follow your post-surgery rehab instructions. Attend every physical therapy appointment and maintain at-home exercise as instructed. If your doctor recommends walking or other equipment to help your back surgery recovery, make sure you have those available after your hospital stay.

Care For Your Wound

Excellent wound care is essential to complete your recovery. An infection can slow your progress and lead to additional health issues.

Follow your post-op instructions to keep your wound clean and dry. Watch for any signs of infection and call your doctor immediately if your wound becomes irritated.

Listen To Your Pain

There’s no need to suffer through excessive pain following spine surgery. Too much pain can cause you to adjust how you sit, stand, or lay down in ways that can impede your recovery.

Use pain medication as prescribed by your doctor. Follow instructions for sitting, standing, and resting to minimize discomfort in those positions. When you care for your pain proactively, you can reduce the intensity and time that your body experiences post-surgery discomfort.

Rest Before You Need It

You might find that you feel tired more easily and quickly after surgery. Sufficient rest is one of the best natural ways to allow your body to heal.

Don’t engage in activity until the point of feeling too tired. Take regular breaks to rest or nap during your recovery.

Use a Support System

Let others help! Allow friends or family to drive you to appointments, run errands for you, and help with cooking and cleaning around the house. If your insurance covers it, consider short-term home health services to help with at-home exercise, bathing, or wound care.

Recover Well for Best Spine Care

Choosing spinal surgery is a life-changing decision! Follow all post-surgery recommendations and instructions for the best spine care during recovery.

Let the All Spine Care team help you with any aspects of spine care. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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