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The Benefits of Minimally-Invasive Spinal Surgery

February 28, 2023

When treating spinal conditions, minimally-invasive surgery has become an increasingly attractive option in recent years. Many patients and physicians prefer the less invasive approach of this type of surgery, as it allows for a shorter recovery time and reduced scarring. In addition, as technology advances, minimally-invasive surgery allows more successful treatments for various spinal disorders. Here are some of the benefits that come with minimally-invasive spine surgeries.

Reduced Recovery Time

A significant benefit of minimally-invasive spinal surgery is that it requires a much shorter recovery than traditional open surgeries. Typically, open surgeries involve a large incision made into the patient’s back, which can require weeks or even months of healing before full mobility can be achieved. With minimally-invasive surgery, much smaller incisions are made into the skin, causing minimal trauma and allowing patients to return to normal activities more quickly. Many patients can walk within 24 hours after undergoing minimally-invasive spinal surgery instead of the several months required for open operations.

Reduced Pain & Scarring

Another benefit is that since smaller incisions are used, there is less postoperative pain and reduced risk of complications from wound infections. This also means there will be only minimal scarring at the surgical site after healing. For those who suffer from an ongoing condition such as scoliosis or degenerative disc disease and who have already been dealing with pain that affects their daily lives, minimizing additional pain is an essential factor in any treatment they consider seeking. Minimally-invasive spine surgery helps achieve this goal while significantly reducing scarring so they can keep their appearance unchanged following treatment.

High Success Rates & Improved Outcomes

With its image-guided techniques and microscopic instruments such as endoscopes, minimally-invasive spine surgery has enabled physicians to treat spinal conditions more successfully due to its accuracy and precision compared to traditional open surgeries. Moreover, it accomplishes this without leaving behind any residual damage or tissue trauma, like what would typically happen if long incisions were made by scalpels or saw blades.

It also improves outcomes by relieving uncomfortable symptoms quickly while avoiding potential permanent damage or defects from overzealous cutting through healthy tissues surrounding nerve roots.

Increased Range Of Motion

Lastly, one significant advantage of opting for minimally-invasive spine surgeries is improved range of motion. This is because substantially fewer muscle attachments are released during the operation, and other muscular dissections are performed significantly less often. When compared with the conventional techniques employed during open procedures, minimally– invasive procedures make mobilization easier down the road, especially when combined with

rehabilitation exercises prescribed by physical therapists.

All Spine Care

At All Spine Care, Dr. Moulton helps patients understand their condition and treatment options. He has a particular interest in minimally-invasive surgery, serving as an advisor for many innovative technologies. This approach and set of skills allow him to offer the best choices for each individual to achieve their goals and recover quickly.

If you seek relief from spinal pain, contact the specialists at All Spine Care today. Our team is dedicated to putting patients first and providing the best possible treatment experience.

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