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This Is How to Have a Healthy Spine

December 9, 2020

Chills do not run down your spine. At least not literally.

Your spine is filled with nerves that snake out throughout your body. You need to maintain your spine health to preserve your overall health.

Don’t panic. You can keep your spine healthy with a few basic steps.

Here is a quick guide toward having a healthy spine.


Sleep Well

How you sleep affects how your spine functions. All the nerves in your spine need time to repair themselves. Give your spine the tools it needs to heal.

Sleep on a firm mattress. Purchase one you can fall asleep on, but make sure the mattress doesn’t let your spine sag.

Sleep on your back. Sleeping on your stomach forces your spine to support your weight, straining your spine. If you cannot sleep on your back, sleep on your side.

If you sleep on your back, place a pillow beneath your knees. This eases the stress on your lower back.

If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees. This keeps your hips balanced and prevents your spine from sagging to one side.

You can also wear a neck pillow. A neck pillow can support your cervical spine and upper vertebrae.

Stretch and Strengthen Your Core

All of the parts of your body are interconnected. Your spinal nerves connect deep into your torso and organs. In turn, your abdominal muscles connect to your spine.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles with crunches and planks. Once you have mastered those stretches, perform mountain climbers and warrior crunches. From there, perform side planks and bicycle crunches.

Even rudimentary stretches help your spine. Stand upright, then bend forward and touch your fingers to your toes. You will stretch your back and arms out.

Rub the muscles around your spine. Use gentle circular motions that touch every pressure point. If you can afford it, get a back massage.

Live a Healthy Life

Staying active improves every part of your health, including your spine. Engage in at least one hour of physical activity every day. Combine stretching with aerobics and muscle strengthening.

Maintain a healthy weight. Having a large amount of fat can stress your back muscles. Lose weight if you are overweight, and eat a well-balanced diet.

Make sure to drink lots of water. Spinal disks can slip if you are not well-hydrated. Drink milk and other fluids with calcium to improve bone support.

Pay attention to your body. Learn the common signs of spinal damage and misalignment. If you have concerns about your spinal cord health, contact your doctor right away.

Get Help to Get a Healthy Spine

Thinking about your health may make your spine tingle. But you can give yourself a healthy spine with some basic lifestyle changes.

Sleep on a firm mattress, with pillows that support your neck and lower back. Stretch and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. Exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight.

Talk to a specialist if you have questions. All Spine Care has some of Florida’s leading spine health specialists. Contact us today, or call us at 727-474-7411.

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