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World Spine Day: How Did It Start?

February 25, 2022

Having good spinal health goes far beyond preventing back pain. The spine is of the utmost importance to the overall health of the body. Posture, flexibility, and overall bodily movement are heavily dependent on the maintenance of one’s spine.


Spine health is such an important matter that there is actually a day devoted to raising spine health awareness: World Spine Day.

Are you interested in learning more about World Spine Day’s origin and importance and how you can take better care of your spine? Then read on.

What Is World Spine Day?

World Spine Day started in 2012 and is celebrated every year on October 16 during The Bone and Joint Decade’s annual auction week. The Decade exists to improve musculoskeletal health through the implementation of treatments and preventative efforts for spinal conditions.

This day has a different theme every year. BACK 2 BACK was the theme for World Spine Day 2021. The event focused on acknowledging spinal pain and disability as a significant global disease.

Everyone from health professionals, exercise experts, physical therapists, and public health advocates participates in World Spine Day. It’s all about helping people understand the crippling nature of spinal issues and back pain so that they can take preventative measures to protect their spines in the long run.

What Do You Do On World Spine Day?

There are different activities one can participate in to observe World Spine Day. If you are a health specialist in musculoskeletal health, you could post a YouTube video or a blog discussing the importance of spinal care.

Or you could organize a health fair or event to teach on the matter. You could bring someone in to coordinate spinal exercises for the event.

This brings us to another great way to observe World Spine Day: exercise. Various exercises can be helpful in strengthening your spine. Such exercises include aerobic exercises (i.e. walking, running, swimming, etc.), tai chi, yoga, pilates, and isometric exercises like planks or pushups.

Another great way to observe World Spine Day is to simply take some time to learn. Learn about spine disorders, examine yourself to see how your back is doing, and get the information you need to start treating your spine well. World Spine Day is all about taking care of your spine, so start learning how to do it properly.

More Spine Care Tips

With all this information at hand, you can start preparing for World Spine Day 2022. Start learning everything you need to know what sort of shape your spine is in and how you can start taking care of it before it gets serious.

If you’re already suffering from spine issues, All Spine Care is here to help. Our blog contains helpful advice on how to treat your spine well, and if you find you have issues, you can meet with our team to diagnose the issue and look into spine surgery.

If you need some spine-related help, contact us today.

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